Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heritage India issues a statement regarding weekend fatality from triple shooting & triple stabbing

From the restaurant earlier today, a fellow blogspot writer:
"Heritage India extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Jhonte Coleman. We wish a quick and healthful recovery for the others who were injured following a private party on Nov. 27.
Heritage India is proud to be among Washington’s world-class restaurants, offering guests from around the city, country and the world a memorable fine-dining experience. Heritage India often hosts wedding receptions, businesspeople, government officials, foreign diplomats and other dignitaries for large lunch and dinner banquets.
Located in one of Washington’s premier nightlife areas, Heritage India Dupont Circle is an attractive venue for private after-hours events on weekend nights. 
On Nov. 27, two patrons at a private party began to fight and security staff immediately escorted both men off the premises. 

With tension remaining in the venue, management decided to shut down the event immediately. Music was turned off, lights were turned on and guests were asked to leave. 
As patrons were exiting, a person outside of Heritage India shouted that there had been a stabbing on the street. 
Heritage India staff immediately called 911 and security began an emergency-response lockdown. At this point, only the security officers, event promoters and restaurant staff were inside the restaurant.
The alleged stabbing victim was leaning against the main door of the restaurant and security brought him inside to render medical aid. 
Contrary to published reports, the stabbing did not occur inside Heritage India. 
Heritage India is reviewing its contracting procedures for private events and is prepared to participate in a constructive dialog with police and city officials to promote a safe, hospitable environment for nightlife activities."
So, it's pretty obvious that the restaurant plans to try to stay open and keep it's liquor license. But given that this is it's sixth serious violation in five months, is it responsible of ABRA to allow them to stay open? I know nobody wants to see their hard work flushed down the drain, but should they just accept that now their restaurant / rowdy nightclub has a body count and close, for everyone's benefit? 

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