Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New residential building, The Irwin, proposed for 1328 14th Street, NW

Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc is the architect of a new proposed building, The Irwin, at 1328 14th Street NW.  This project, presented late this summer to nearby neighbors and in September to the ANC, has been constantly undergoing changes and modifications as the project evolves. As of early November, the drawings here are the most recent. Sarah Alexander, an Associate with Torti Gallas, says they "have been continuously revising the design to respond to comments from the neighbors and HPO. Most recently we have increased the setbacks at the upper level of the building, reduced the size of the residential roof terrace, changed the skin of the building to red brick masonry, and added parking to reach 20 spaces (.38 ratio)".

The Irwin will have around 50(ish) units and 4,000+ sqft of ground floor retail. What do you think of the project? More photos after the jump.

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