Friday, December 30, 2011

Double stabbing at the Mood Lounge last night

As multiple neighbors had predicted for months, violence erupted last night in front of the Mood Lounge (1318 9th Street, NW, half a block from the new City Market at O Project), where the Washington Post is reporting that two men were stabbed around 1:00am. News reports claim that both men were taken to Howard University Hospital, where they remain in stable condition. (more after the jump)

While the investigation into the stabbings is ongoing, the sad truth is that this will likely have little to no impact on the status of the liquor license at the Mood Lounge. Violent brawls, sexual assaults, stabbings, shootings, and even murders have failed to produce any actual result from city officials in revoking liquor licenses from other establishments, most recently Heritage India in Dupont Circle, the site of a triple stabbing and triple shooting that left a young man dead just last month. They were given back their liquor license within thirty days of this man's death. 

Shaw Deserves Better than the Mood Lounge. Unfortunately, the city is about to fail this neighborhood again - the Mood Lounge will be open for business as usual within thirty days, if not later on this very evening, as that's the way these things work in Washington. 

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  1. Is ANYONE surprised? My only shock, seriously, is that it took this long for someone to get stabbed here.