Friday, December 30, 2011

Evans Calls for Closure of Mood Lounge

From the office of Councilmember Jack Evans this morning: 
For Immediate Release:  December 30, 2011
Contact: Andrew Huff, Director of Communications [202-724-8058
Evans Calls for Closure of Mood Lounge 
Strain on Neighborhood & City Services can no Longer be Tolerated
Washington, DC – Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans today renewed his calls to close the troubled Mood Lounge, located on 9th Street, NW near the Washington Convention Center, following reports of two persons being stabbed outside the bar last night when a fight inside spilled onto the street. 

"I have been in close contact with MPD and join them in their request for an emergency three-day closure in light of the seriousness of this latest episode," said Evans. "I will continue to work with residents, civic groups, and city agencies to close it permanently as while Mood Lounge is currently licensed as a tavern, there is no doubt that it is operating more like a nightclub.” 
Since its opening, Mood Lounge has consistently violated District laws and regulations, including public space and trash issues, extremely loud noise, and disturbances by patrons as they leave the club, many involving or leading to violence. The Alcoholic Beverage Control board is currently reviewing several recent violations, with one hearing held last month. The three day closure of the club would include New Year's Eve. 
"Enough is enough - our residents shouldn't have to put up with this in their neighborhood any longer. The strain this establishment places on our citizens, police, and city services can no longer be tolerated." 
Andrew Huff | Director of Communications | Office of Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans
p: 202-724-8058 | f: 202-724-8023 |


  1. It's about time! He's been way too slow in dealing with this place. Why has the community had to deal with this for almost a year?

  2. Any CM is limited in what they can do to a licensed establishment. This is America, after all. Its up to us in the hood to pressure these guys OUT and make life for them very uncomfortable.