Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Heritage India keeps liquor license, ABRA determines all future beatings, stabbings, shootings and murders must now take place by midnight

WJLA reports that the ABRA Board has decided Heritage India, site of last month's fatal triple stabbing and triple shooting and numerous other violent crimes, can reopen as long as it closes nightly by midnight, sells some food, and makes some sort of effort to keep customers from continuing to murder each other. 

This decision makes it pretty clear - once a liquor license exists, not even beatings, stabbings, shootings, sexual assaults, and murders can cause it to be revoked. No amount of danger to nearby residents and the citizens of the District is worth more than the tax revenue the place generates. Jhonte Coleman's life was less valuable than this nightclub, in fact it wasn't even worthy of keeping the place closed for a whole 30 days. 

I have to wonder, if the next murder victim is a white ten year old girl visiting DC on a class trip who's caught in the crossfire walking past this place at 8 or 9pm on her way back to a nearby hotel, will the ABRA Board finally decide then that this place doesn't belong here? 



  1. Cinderella's Kitchen -the new name for Heritage India. At midnight, they close, after serving food and scrubbing the dishes.
    All criminals must know: no murders after midnight.
    Or.... ABRA is going to be mad, very mad, and will turn Heritage India into a Mood Lounge!
    (or are they waiting for the Mood Lounge to become a Heritage India? I just don't know anymore!)

  2. Mission control to Heritage India:
    Stick to food, relinquish your entertainment license, kick the DJs out, you're a restautant!