Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Own a piece of Shaw: 301 R Street, NW Unit 1

This series will focus on properties for sale in the Shaw / MVT / Logan areas. Want to see your house on here? Email with a link to the listing and let us know.

all photos in this post courtesy of MRIS and Redfin
301 R Street, NW Unit 1 has been on the market for 49 days, and last week saw a price reduction of $30,000. This single family townhouse looks like it has been cut into two units, this one with the first floor and basement level, and a second unit on the upper level. Would you live in this condo? The renovation is one of the most impressive on the market today (and props for the best staging I've seen in a while), but it's not in the best part of Shaw - a couple blocks from the Metro, but also a couple blocks from the very unsafe intersection of Florida Avenue and North Capitol Street, which has seen murders this year. There's not much on the market that's this huge at this price point in any part of Shaw - does the beautiful renovation outweigh the questionable location to you? Tell us in the comments.

Bedrooms: 2
Bathroom: 3
Levels: 2
Price: $569,000

now that's a beautiful, spacious living and dining room
Finally, a kitchen that's worthy of being in a half a million dollar house...
More photos of this beauty after the jump

More of that beautiful kitchen
One of the two main bedrooms
Second main bedroom - both have ensuite baths
Now that's a nicely finished bathroom! Look at the quality
materials and the detail work! And the sad part is, beauty like
this doesn't usually cost a lot more than the cheaper finishes...
A good view of the basement rec room / den / office / media room -
could be whatever you want or need. Doubles as a great guest room ;
that's a third full bath through that door on the left


  1. not a big fan of the "not in the best part of shaw" comment. you could say the same about stuff at 9th and O - there has been violence near there at 7th and O recently.

  2. @IMGoph - agreed, there are certainly parts of Shaw that are safer and parts that are more dangerous, and crime can (and certainly does) happen anywhere. When there is recent serious crime (or even a documented pattern of smaller, quality of life crimes) in the vicinity of any listing we put up, we try to incorporate a note about that issue, since many people identify that as a significant factor in where to invest and buy a home. Trust me, listings near 9th and O this year will certainly mention the double stabbing at MOOD Lounge, as will any other listings near crime we are aware of nearby.