Friday, December 9, 2011

Shaw Deserves Better from this Abandoned Building - 926 N Street, NW

This series is pretty much the inverse of the "Beautiful in Shaw" series. It looks at the abandoned, neglected, or derilect properties, public spaces, and art in the Shaw / Logan / Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhoods. As the blog grows (and if I can find a good volunteer to help!) I'd like to eventually include some quick sketches, renderings, or photoshop alterations to some of the original images to show what could be in the place of what is there. 

Restoring historic buildings, replanting yards and public spaces - all ideas on what Shaw's true potential is under some of the grit and plywood windows. Whenever possible, if something does happen to the space, I'll post a follow-up. Feel free to leave comments on your ideas for the space below, and feel free to send photos!

This building at 926 N Street, NW looks like it could have once had an industrial use (notice the loading docks off the parking lot on the left side), but could easily be repurposed as a market, a pharmacy, or, with a lot of work, and interesting family residence with a beautiful motor court and gardens on the left side.

Or, given that it looks relatively recent, it might even qualify for demolition and could be the site of new condos or a set of single family homes on the north side of the historic Blagden Alley. 

What do you think it should / could be? 

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  1. years ago this site was owned by UHOP. rr