Friday, January 6, 2012

Beautiful in Shaw - Convention Center winter lights

This series focuses on something beautiful in Shaw - a particularly striking house, a beautiful garden, architectural elements, people, pets - whatever and wherever I (or any of you) find something that makes you smile. Feel free to send ideas (and photos!) to me at

As I'll be writing about in a future post, there's not too many things about the new(ish) DC Convention Center that I count among its "redeeming" qualities from an architectural or urban planning perspective. This winter light display, however, is a welcome positive element on the M Street component (though, no matching lights on the N Street underpass...) that actually makes this place seem a bit more inviting to pedestrians. 

Here's the view from a little further down on the other side of 7th Street. Nice of the Mega Marriott to add some lights to the construction crane as well. 

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