Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beautiful in Shaw - Naylor Court Murals

This series focuses on something beautiful in Shaw - a particularly striking house, a beautiful garden, architectural elements, people, pets - whatever and wherever I (or any of you) find something that makes you smile. Feel free to send ideas (and photos!) to me at

This awesome mural from Naylor Court NW gives a little hint at Naylor Court's history. Anybody got any additional information on this beautiful building? Or on E.J. Adams & Co.? 


  1. The building was originally built in 1899 for a private individual in Washington (Guy Carlton). The architect was the famous Nicholas T. Haller who also built the Warder Building (now the Spy Museum) and many other high profile buildings in Washington such as the Luzon Apartment Building.
    In its lifetime this stable has also been a grocer's livery (E.J. Adams), a gin joint during prohibition, the home of a metal sculptor, a furniture factory (which became an artificial limb factory during WW II), the home of a native DC rock star, a series of auto repair shops and a limo repair shop as well as the home of a major events planner - who restored the original sign. It is now private residence.

  2. It was abandoned for a few years in the mid 1920's and also had a life as a furniture moving warehouse. The hayloft beam on the second floor is original.