Monday, January 9, 2012

Borderstan shows 12.7% increase in crime near the Convention Center

broken auto glass on O St NW, photo by author
In a post today tracking crime in 2011 vs 2010 in the U Street, Logan, Convention Center and Dupont Police Service Areas, Borderstan is reporting a 12.7% increase in crime in the Convention Center PSA. 
Violent crime across these four PSAs was down or consistent - from 5 homicides to 1; 111 assaults with a deadly weapon to 118 last year. Property crime, specifically theft from auto, however, spiked. A 49% spike, to be specific. 

So, take a moment to think about your car. Think about it the last time you drove it anywhere, and then think about how it looked the day you bought it. Aside from adding in some crumpled muni meter parking receipts, an empty soda can in the footwell, and a lot more dirt / dust / pet hair / etc, the interior of your car should, as a general rule of thumb, look like it did the day you bought it. 

While there's not really anybody who expects to leave a laptop or iPod sitting on the passenger seat or even a GPS stuck to the windshield all day and still have in tact windows when they get back anymore, many cars are broken into because of the potential that there's something of value. Often times, all that is reported missing is a gym bag or a bag of papers for work. A friend of mine has his Jeep broken into a few years ago and a grocery bag with some dirty laundry from a recent camping trip was all that was missing. Value of old t-shirts and dirty boxer shorts: about $20. Value of a new window: about $450

So, just remember, while it's no guarantee, cutting back on the amount of stuff in your car, preferably to nothing that wasn't in it the day it came off the assembly line, can seriously cut back on your chances of finding a window smashed the next time you come out to the car. And really, if it's living in your car, you're probably not using it anyway, so just put it in the trash. Unless it's your old college roommate. Leave him in the car. He's like a live-in security system. Or let him stay in your apartment instead of your car. That part really depends on how much you like him, and probably partly on if he was the one always buying the milk or always drinking the milk that you bought.... 

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