Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shaw is getting better - 1320 9th Street, NW

This series will look at projects taking shape in Shaw - abandoned buildings finally getting the rehabilitation they deserve, new businesses coming to the neighborhood, public space maintenance issues that we've talked about that are finally getting resolved, and new construction we're welcoming to the area. Feel free to send tips to shawdeservesbetter@gmail.com 

1320 O Street, sandwiched between 9th Street, Naylor Court, the MOOD Lounge, and a vacant lot, certainly has had the potential for some time to be a beautiful contributor to the 9th Street corridor on the one block between the Convention Center and the new City Market at O project. While the BP Station across the street doesn't tend to inspire much, the capable team at Glass Construction is working to restore this old beauty to it's former glory.

The new home of Darryl Carter's interior design business, this building is certainly a challenge waiting to be addressed. Fortunately for Shaw, Darryl seems likely to be more than up to the task. Just take a look at some of his previous work on his website. A few weeks ago, I had a chance to peek in on the construction from 9th Street - pics below.

A peek right inside the front door on 9th - photo by author
and another shot to the right of the front door - photo by author
So far, no word on how the space will be used. It certainly has the capacity for a showroom / public office space on the first floor on 9th Street, which looks like it has had the floors removed for a grand vaulted ceiling in this section, combined with some inspired live/work space in the upper levels and the rear carriage house on Naylor Court.

Personally, I'll just be thrilled for ugly, rusted security grates on the front to be gone...

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