Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beautiful in Shaw - Independence Bank Shaw Clock

This series of posts will focus on something beautiful in Shaw - a particularly striking house, a beautiful garden, architectural elements, people, pets - whatever and wherever I (or any of you) find something that makes you smile. Feel free to send ideas (and photos!) to me at

Shaw is one of the only neighborhoods in Washington DC to have an old-fashioned street clock. There's one downtown, and one on Barracks Row over on the Hill. Ours, likely a gift from Independence Bank (since it's in front of the bank and their name is inscribed across the top...), shines brightly just north of the intersection of 9th and N Streets, NW. I always smile when I see it during the day, but it catches my eye so much more when it glows at night. What do you guys think about the clock? 

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  1. I love seeing the clock at 9th and N Streets, NW, if for no other reason than to remind me that someone, at some point, thought our neighborhood was worth investing in to the point of going past the facade of their building and all the way to the curb with something that surely wasn't cheap and that actually impacted the community beyond their business....