Monday, February 27, 2012

Dupont Circle traffic signals to go down; sadly DDOT plans to turn them back on...

It's not in Shaw, but I know a lot of Shaw denizens go to or through nearby Dupont Circle, so I thought I should post it anyway. As someone who actually enjoys driving in Europe where traffic circles are a "get in when you're clear and get out when you're done" setup, I admit I first read this notice with a little bit of glee, thinking DDOT had finally figured out that having lights on a traffic circle was just... well.. stupid, and that they might finally have had the sense to just take them out altogether. Sadly, it's only temporary. 

From DDOT: 
"On Tuesday, February 28, at approximately 10 am, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will temporarily power down the traffic control signals located at Dupont Circle in Northwest Washington. The signals will be turned off for several hours to allow technicians to upgrade the traffic control signalization system. The signals will be turned on prior to the pm rush hour.

Dupont Circle is located at the intersection of 19th Street, P Street, New Hampshire Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue and Connecticut Avenue, NW.

Traffic control officers will be onsite to direct traffic through this area. Motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians approaching and traveling through the circle are urged to use caution. Travelers may also want to consider alternate routes to avoid delays."
And of course, they can't even let us have a few hours of a break from the insanity of traffic lights on circles; they're going to have traffic control officers - quite possibly the only thing worse than a light is a person who acts light a light. I think I'll just stay put in Shaw tomorrow!

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