Friday, February 24, 2012

MOOD Lounge transcripts from first noise violation and Summary Suspension hearings now available

The long-awaited transcripts of both the December 7th 2011 Noise Violation Show Cause Status Hearing and subsequent Show Cause hearing (which resulted in a guilty verdict against the MOOD Lounge) and the January 13th Summary Suspension hearing by ABRA against the MOOD Lounge were finally released today. All three documents after the jump. 

(beware, the actual Show Cause hearing transcript below is 236 pages)

(beware again, this one is 770 pages!)

Given that there is over 1,000 pages of transcripts to pour over, it will take Shaw Deserves Better a little bit of time to go through and point out inconsistencies and, if found, flat out perjury in a careful, detailed post, but rest assured that is coming eventually. In the meantime, it seemed prudent to provide everyone with access of their own to the documents so anyone can review and consider the facts of both cases for themselves. 

MOOD Lounge has another five charges coming up at a Show Cause Hearing on May 2nd, two more charges waiting for scheduling, and "several" additional Investigative Reports that are in process and will be forwarded from ABRA to the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution in the near future. I'll post both transcripts and verdicts from each as they become available. 

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